17 05 2008



I’m a breakin from the blogging world. (for now)  Various reasons for this decision but one that I like happens to involve freeing up creative juices to be poured into projects I’m conceiving as I type. 

Many of you know the nature of this latest opportunity I have accepted and therefore, it is essential I maintain an even more private profile. 


In the short 5 months that I’ve been here and stripped of all that I thought defined me in the United States, there is nothing more honest than traveling the globe. The introspection your psyche constantly unfolds is liberating. Everyone should have this experience. Make it happen if it’s something you’re thinking about. Don’t sit on it any longer. Do it.


So from Morocco, till the next country, ciao!

Send the collective consciousness love, drop me an email, share your stories.







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18 05 2008

You know I’ll be in touch but I just wanted to comment on your last post! It was great reading your stories on here but I understand about wanting to contribute the creative juices to other projects. I haven’t updated my blog in awhile b/c I like to use my writing time for my screenplays and it’s hard to keep up both things. Be sure to have some yogurt and mint tea for me;hahahahaha

21 05 2008
Rity aka Loretha

Hey Seoul Train

Just wanted to drop you a few lines to say hello. I am so sorry that I have been out of touch for a while, but certainly I always have you in my thoughts. So good to hear that you are continuing your travels around the globe. You are such an inspiration and I hope that you be all that you aspire to be. (no doubt in my mind) That is all for now, I will let you get back to your wonderful journey of discovering just how creative you really are.

Moving forward I will keep in touch with you a lot better.

Take Care
LoRetha taylor
Rity Taylor

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